Fiscal Fitness Summer Money Challenge

Welcome to the 21-day Summer Money Challenge hosted by Jill & Kelsa - Financial Coaches with Fiscal Fitness Phoenix. We are on a mission to empower driven professionals and entrepreneurs to take control of their money and ultimately their life! 

Chances are, you excel with a little bit of friendly competition and positive peer pressure - well this challenge is perfect for you then! 

Every day there are a number of activities to complete in order to earn points. Most of these challenges have to do with money- steps we know will help you gain clarity, control and confidence! Others impact your life through charitable efforts or feeling gratitude. Finally, the community aspect of this challenge is key, so sharing your activity or experience is not only a way to interact with others, but also how you will earn your points!

Daily actions, money-saving ideas, motivational steps, clarity-creators, and so much more!!

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