4 Weeks to Map a Path to your Life of Financial Freedom and Independence

Welcome to Your Roadmap to Financial Independence hosted by Jill & Kelsa - Financial Coaches with Fiscal Fitness Phoenix. We are on a mission to empower driven professionals and entrepreneurs to take control of their money and ultimately their life! 

Having a strong, clear purpose with your money is a game changer.

It can be the difference between a mediocre financial life and a life of unforeseen possibilities.

It's the thing that drives you to make different choices or spend differently than someone else because it brings today's choices in alignment with your future.

Not only that, but hard choices don't feel so hard because you are driven by a greater purpose.

Once you have your clear purpose, the math behind it is actually the easy part.

Then once you know the numbers, understanding the daily, weekly or monthly habits and behaviors that you need to have that support your goals and purpose become so much easier to achieve.

What is this thing called Financial Independence (FI)? 

Have you heard of this concept before? Maybe not, but the words themselves are a bit seductive, aren’t they? There is certainly some intrigue with this idea of FI and we are here to teach you exactly what FI is and show you how to begin this journey for yourself!

In this 4 week LIVE coaching online course, Your Roadmap to Financial Independence (FI), you and other course participants will learn:

1) All about this thing called Financial Independence ("FI"). What is it and why should you care?

2) Discover what it would take for you to reach FI. (i.e. what is your number?)

3) Learn how to set personal goals and milestones along the way.

4) Identify the habits that will support you and get you to your goal.

This challenge should push you to learn new things and take action with your money to put you on the road to Financial Independence. 

If this idea of Financial Independence intrigues you, this is the perfect course to kick off your journey.

Enroll today for $149!

Wondering if this course is “right” for you?

We’ve got you covered. This course is great for someone who:

  • Would love to understand long-term finances in a simple and easy-to-digest way
  • Would love to have more motivation or a clearer picture of what the future holds
  • Doesn't want to work until they're 95
  • Wants to have a game plan to get to retirement or even possibly retire early
  • Would thrive with a clear plan for the future
  • Has heard about the FI movement and is curious about it,  but isn't sure who to ask or where to begin
  • Is overwhelmed by all the financial information available to consume and would love for it to be distilled down to what's most important for you

This course is NOT for someone who:

  • Takes a hands-off approach to their long-term finances
  • Doesn't care if they'll ever retire
  • Only cares about spending their money in the moment
  • Believes things will never get better
  • Believes they don't have any control over their financial future

The Course kicks off on Monday, October 21st at 5:30pm and coaching calls will be each Monday for four weeks (Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11). Calls will last from approximately 5:30-7:30pm AZ time. 

The course will include:

  • Weekly LIVE coaching with Coach Jill and Coach Kelsa
  • Hard copy workbook mailed straight to you
  • Access to worksheets and downloads that will help you craft your plan for your personal journey towards FI
  • Resources and tools to help you learn more about this exciting topic
  • Motivation and accountability from other participants just like you
  • Opportunities for LIVE Q&A’s following each weeks lesson
  • and so much more!!

Join the conversation!

We encourage you to be a member of our free Facebook Community. The support of others who are on a similar path is so helpful in keeping you focused on your goals. We encourage you to interact and share your takeaways and questions, as you work your way through the course. If you’re not already a member ask to join here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/fiscalfitnessmoney/

For details on other courses and programs, check us out at:  https://www.FiscalFitnessPHX.com 

Meet Your Instructors

Kelsa & Jill will be guiding you through Your Roadmap to Financial Independence course for the next four weeks!  Kelsa is Founder & CEO at Fiscal Fitness and has a passion for FI.  She's all about helping people plan for and create the lives they want to live.  Jill is our Lead Financial Coach and is a pro at inspiring and motivating clients to achieve their financial success.  Together this duo is going to provide knowledge, tools and resources to help you reach your FI goals.

If this idea of Financial Independence intrigues you, this is the perfect course to kick off your journey. 

Enroll today for $149!