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What's included

The Financial Coaching Toolkit is designed for you to go at your own pace and use the relevant content for your clients and coaching needs.

  • 13 different coaching topics with videos and handouts

  • Over 50 coaching exercises

  • 100+ videos, downloads and templates

Lifetime access to the materials is included in the cost of the Financial Coaching Toolkit.

We created the Toolkit to grow with your business.  While the Toolkit includes lessons and scenarios that are more likely to occur with veteran coaches and long-term clients, any coach who has moved beyond the beginning phase of their business will find value in the lessons and exercises included in the Toolkit.  And even better, by investing in the Toolkit now, you'll be more prepared when you're in growth mode.  That's why lifetime access is included.  We want you to have the ability to go back and watch whatever lessons you need as issues and questions pop up in your business.

Topics, Lessons & Exercises

All content is go at your own pace and whatever relates to your current business needs with clients.

Who Would Love the Financial Coaching Toolkit?

  • Established Financial Coaches – If you are an established financial coach who wants to take your business to the next level by gaining mastery of business concepts while getting advanced training in finances and coaching skills, the Academy is for you.

  • Financial Advisors – If you are a financial advisor who wants to add services and value for your clients or are looking to focus on day-to-day finances rather than investments and insurance, the Academy is for you.

  • Other Professional Coaches – If you are a business coach, personal organizer, life coach or another professional coach who wants to have a proven system that will help your clients manage their personal finances, the Academy is for you.

Who Should NOT Purchase the Financial Coaching Toolkit?

  • Brand New Coaches or People Looking to Start a Coaching Business – The Toolkit was created to serve as a resource and guide for experienced coaches. Coaches who are just starting out would better be served by taking the Financial Coach Academy.

  • Coaches Focused Solely on Offering One Type of Service – If you are coach who is focused solely on budgeting or some other single process, that is fine. We believe those services are needed. But the Toolkit was created for coaches who want an expansive skillset and the ability to dive deeper with their clients.


Use this option to pay-in-full and gain immediate access to all content. For our 3-pay option, choose "All Courses."

Meet Your Instructors

Financial Coaches have the power to change the world. We truly believe that. In fact, it’s why we created the Financial Coach Toolkit. We think everyone can benefit from financial coaching. Literally everyone. But there aren’t enough of us to help everyone, so the next best thing we can do is pass along the lessons and materials that have worked for our clients time-and-time again. We’ve been financial coaching for more than 10 years, so everything we teach is something that has worked for our clients and our business.

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