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Chances are, you excel with a little bit of friendly competition and positive peer pressure - well this challenge is perfect for you then! Every day there are a number of activities to complete in order to earn points. Most of these challenges have to do with your business- steps we know will help you gain profits, clarity and confidence! Others impact your life through charitable efforts or feeling gratitude.

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This challenge should push you to learn new things and take action with your money but it should also be FUN!!

  • Specific steps to complete each day to earn points – get rewarded for doing good things with your business!

  • Access to worksheets and downloads that up until now have only ever been available to clients!

  • Access to Coach Jill and Coach Kelsa

  • Motivation and accountability from other participants just like you!

  • Customized and targeted actions that help you make more money, gain clarity and experience lifelong growth in your business!

  • and so much more!!

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    • Worksheet - Complete this to earn points!

    • Scorecard Submission Instructions

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Register for the 21-day New Year Challenge

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