Financial Coach Academy Self-Paced

The Financial Coach Academy is an intense, online program where you will learn practical, tried-and-true methods for starting and operating your very own financial coaching business. Let us help you take the stress out of getting started!

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Are you a financially savvy person person that loves helping people budget, pay off debt and reach their financial goals? Do you love all things personal finance and want to help people master this skill too? Are you a financial advisor that is tired of the quotes, sales, and compliance headaches? Are you a business coach or professional organizer who wants to learn a proven system to help your clients organize their finances?

Are you ready to take the next step in your life to become a successful financial coach?

If that’s you then you are in the right place.

The Financial Coach Academy is an exclusive online, 8-module program that teaches everything I have learned in nearly 10 years as a financial coach and gives you the tools and basics to make a living doing this too. Please be sure to also check out for more free resources for financial coaches and more information about this and other courses.

Imagine if you could learn the systems and strategies to turn your love for personal finance into a thriving six figure business. 

With this program we want to show you how to design your Financial Coaching business on your own terms

The Academy is right for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed trying to start a financial coaching career and feel stuck by information paralysis, spinning your wheels and trying to piece together a process.

  • You are caught up in the logistics of coaching a client - when do you have them sign the contract, how do they schedule with you, what do you say during a session, etc and it's stopping you from starting to help people.

  • You find yourself struggling with "imposter syndrome" and want help building confidence while learning how to stand out among other financial coaches and advisors in a way that positions you as an expert in the industry

  • You want to attract new clients who are excited to coach or invest with you. And you want to serve these clients well by helping them to get results.

  • You are a financial advisor, business coach or corporate number-cruncher who is in a messy cycle of undervaluing yourself, your time and are stuck in hobby mode.

  • You are craving a step-by-step system (the kind they definitely don't teach in most schools or certificate classes) without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars.

  • You don't want to figure out through trial and error. (Hint: I'll tell you what not to do because I've already tried everything. I know what does and doesn't work.)

Included in the program:

  • 8 online modules and coaching video conferences that teach you how to master power partners, on-boarding, systematize coaching sessions for individuals, couples and small business owners, marketing and much more. All recorded so you can watch anytime. Clear out all the clutter and advice you read and get real, down to the details, experienced coaching from a financial coach who puts it to practice everyday! VALUE: $8,000

  • Access to the online resource library released with each training call. It includes downloads, contracts, worksheets and other material it took me nearly 10 years to perfect, all handed to you on a silver platter. VALUE: $2,000

  • Access to an exclusive mastermind group of other like minded financially, savvy professionals who are on the same journey as you. VALUE: $1,800 AVAILABLE IN THE LIVE COURSE ONLY

  • One on one feedback from Kelsa and her team. VALUE: Exponential AVAILABLE IN THE LIVE COURSE ONLY

Total Value: $10,000

Sign up today for only $899!

Launch your financial coaching career

Buy the course - $899

We also have a payment plan option: two payments of $490.  You will be charged $490 today and $490 in 30 days. 

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What will you learn in the Academy?

Lesson 1: A business you can be proud of

  • Overview
  • Identifying your "Why"?
  • Separating from the Pack
  • Crafting your story
  • Finding your target client
  • Making an impact in the world

Lesson 2: Basic marketing for financial coaches

  • Conversations create cash
  • Referral Partners
  • Networking and referral groups
  • Social Proof
  • Blogging
  • Social Media

Lesson 3: Client Conversion

  • First impressions
  • Wowing the client
  • Phone scripts
  • On-boarding
  • Overcoming objections
  • Discovery sessions
  • Contracts
  • Questionnaires

Lesson 4: Program development 1

  • Best practices
  • Designing packages
  • Client experience
  • Pricing and payments
  • Sales conversations
  • Group programming
  • Premium offer

Lesson 5: Financial concepts and training

  • Budgeting
  • Communication for couples
  • Debt payoff strategies
  • Net Worth
  • Value systems spending
  • Defining financial principles
  • Credit score & report strategies

Lesson 6: Program development 2

  • Streamlining technology
  • Policies and procedures
  • Contracts
  • Scheduling

Lesson 7: Advanced marketing for financial coaches

  • Workshops
  • Expos
  • Podcast
  • Facebook ads
  • Speaking
  • Surveys and client result statistics
  • Marketing open Q and A

Lesson 8: Mastermind and Ask the Expert

Sign up today for only $899!

Launch your financial coaching career

Buy the course - $899

We also have a payment plan option: two payments of $490.  You will be charged $490 today and $490 in 30 days.

Buy the course - 2 payment option

Please be sure to also check out for more free resources for financial coaches and more information about this and other courses.

Kelsa Dickey
Kelsa Dickey
Owner and Financial Coach Trainer

About the Instructor

After 7 years as a financial advisor and corporate accountant, I realized that I didn’t want to sell investments and insurance or deal with corporate red tape. I wanted to go after my real passion - helping people with their day to day finances, something I truly loved. So in 2010, I quit my corporate job that was draining my life force and affecting my marriage so I could start my own business as a financial coach.

At the time there were no people doing what I wanted to do (and there are still very few!), so I had to start from scratch. I worked out of my den helping friends and my family and created most of my own systems and processes. 

Over the course of ten years I have optimized and perfected my Financial Coaching business to maximize the impact I have on clients, my work/life balance and income. These same systems and processes have helped launch me as a nationally recognized financial coach.  I want Financial Coach Academy to show you how to create a similar business model that is flexible enough to take on your own personality, style and strengths.