Certified Professional Financial Coach™

The Certified Professional Financial Coach Certificate is the recognized industry standard used to identify highly-qualified financial coaching professionals.

Become a Certified Professional Financial Coach™

Financial coaching is an emerging career for people with a passion to help others with their finances. The problem is that there is no real standardized certification that denotes the highest quality of professional financial coaches.  

With the Certified Professional Financial Coach™ designation you set yourself apart from other financial coaches as someone who is not just a "financial coach hobbyist".  You pride yourself that Financial Coaching is your career; your purpose in life! 

Your clients and referral partners want to know that you have the education, qualifications, experience, skills and commitment to call yourself a financial coach.  With the Certified Professional Financial Coach™ designation, they can be confident that you are one of the top financial coaches in the industry. 

With the CPFCoach, it will be known that you have been held to the highest standards in the three pillars of financial coaching:

  • Financial concepts
  • Business acumen
  • Coaching concepts

Application Handbook

Before enrolling, please read the Candidate Application Handbook found here.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to comply with all procedures and deadlines to establish eligibility to receive the CPFCoach designation.

Eligibility and Requirements

Requirements for eligibility have been developed to ensure that the application process is fair for all applicants. Each requirement has been established to ensure that individuals certified as CPFCoaches have a superb level of knowledge and proficiency necessary to provide financial coaching services. To earn the CPFCoaches designation, all candidates must:

Enrollment Dues and Application:

  • Pay the registration fee

  • Complete the application form

Educational Requirement: 

  • Complete the Financial Coach Academy Self-Paced or Live Financial Coach Academy course. You can apply for certification after you have completed the course or in conjunction as you complete the course. Once you apply for certification, you have 12 months to submit your application and complete all requirements, including the course itself. 

Experience Requirement:

  • Answer, submit and pass the Short essay questions

  • Submit and pass the required supplemental business forms

  • Submit three (3) testimonials from previous clients using the supplied form

  • Submit and pass proof of coaching 10 clients (minimum of 6 paying clients)

  • Pass the multiple choice examination

  • Submit and pass your "Why" Video

Continuing Education:

  • Complete Annual continuing education requirements

The requirements above can be met before or during your application window (12 months from date of applying). Certification will not be granted until all requirements have been completed successfully.

Final Certification:

  • Adhere to the CPFCoach Code of Ethics

  • Annual renewal along with proof of Continuing Education requirements and the $99 renewal fee

  • Complete 12 hours of continuing education per year

Additional Support:

With your CPFCoach certification fee you will also get 1 year of monthly virtual support with industry leading financial coaches.

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Michael Dickey
Michael Dickey
COO and Head of Training

About the Program Director

Michael is a self-proclaimed “spender” but experienced first hand the profound impact budgeting, goal-setting, and financial organization can have on our lives. After getting trained and practicing for 15 years as a Certified Athletic Trainer and receiving a Masters of Public Administration, he began to immerse himself in financial knowledge - both technical expertise and behavioral insights. He has been integral in the growth and increased impact of both Fiscal Fitness Phoenix and Financial Coach Academy. 

Michael understands the ins and outs of being a successful financial coach and has a strong passion to help others feel empowered in their professions. As the VP of marketing for Fiscal Fitness Phoenix (a financial coaching practice), he implemented social media, marketing and web management systems from the ground up.  He understands the intricacies of marketing for Financial Coaching better than anyone and loves to share his insights and strategies with others.  He also leads the Corporate Wellness division - teaching small and large groups of employees “how to do all this money stuff”.

His passion lies in helping financial coaches overcome "imposter syndrome", get out of their own way and move forward in growing their businesses so they can help more people. 

Michael will be your main point of contact as you work through your certification requirements over the coming 12 months.