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Enjoy the 2020 and 2021 Financial Coaching Symposium

Topics covered

    1. Introduction

    2. Copyright information

    1. Printable Art Work

    2. Zoom Backgrounds

    1. Shane Robson-Smith

    2. Karianne Munstedt

    3. Qube Money - Shane Walker & Nicole Stanley

    4. Qube Money - Webinar Recording

    5. Shannon Hernandez

    6. Joey Jamesley

    7. Rob Young

    1. Event Workbook

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    1. Introduction & Daring Leadership: Embracing Vulnerability and Growth

    2. Create Recurring Income by Landing Corporate Clients

    3. How to Make Your Business Work for YOU

    4. Instagram to Income

    5. Fall in LOVE With Marketing & Selling: How to Use Your Content Personality™ to Attract Your Dream Clients

    6. Using Instagram and Podcasting to Drive Traffic to Your Financial Coaching Business

    7. Building and Growing an Audience Using Social Media

    8. Confidence in Sales

    9. Conversations for Increasing Your Prices

    1. Surprise and Delight: How to Cultivate the Ultimate Client Experience

    2. The Benefits of Having a Good Client App and How to Incorporate It Into Your Coaching Program

    3. Transitioning to Full-Time Coaching, a panel discussion

    4. Creating a Winning Email Nurture Sequence

    5. Establishing Your Niche, a panel discussion

    6. Growing Your Team

    7. Work Smarter Not Harder: Maximizing Efficiencies in Your Business

    8. Closing Exercise

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  • 31 lessons
  • 15.5 hours of video content

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The Financial Coaching Symposium is a two-day, business intensive for financial coaches designed to up your game and take your business to the next level.