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Enjoy the 2020 and 2021 Financial Coaching Symposium

Topics covered

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Copyright information

  • 2


    • Printable Art Work

    • Zoom Backgrounds

  • 3


    • Adam Kol

    • Karianne Munstedt

    • Shane Robson-Smith

    • Ana Natkins

  • 4


    • Event Workbook

    • Powerpoint Downloads

    • Kickoff and Welcome with Kelsa Dickey

    • Improving Productivity and Mental Energy with Your Kolbe Results with Michael Dickey

    • Marketing Moment: Optimize Your Google My Business Page with Amy Royce

    • The Mind-Body Coaching Connection with Adam Kol

    • Marketing Moment: Do’s and Don’ts of Your About Page with Amy Royce

    • Building Your Authentic Brand with Karianne Munstedt

    • Workplace Financial Wellness Coaching with Shane Robson-Smith

    • Marketing Moment: Website Image Best Practices with Amy Royce

    • A Client Journey Case Study with Kelsa Dickey and Jill Emanuel

    • Systemize Your Coaching Business with Ana Natkins

    • Symposium Wrap Up: How to Bring Your Best Energy to Your Coaching Sessions with Jill Emanuel

  • 5

    MAY 2021 EVENT

    • Event Workbook

    • Powerpoint Downloads

    • 2021 Financial Coaching Symposium Kickoff and Welcome with Kelsa Dickey

    • Create Coaching Magic Using Your Conative Abilities with Michael Dickey

    • Marketing Moment: Your Newsletter is Your Not So Secret Weapon: How to Make it Useful and Manageable

    • Uncomfortable Client Conversations: How to Turn Them Into Your Biggest Opportunities with Adam Kol

    • From Lead to Client: Mapping Your Prospect’s Journey with Jaclyn and Erica

    • Ask A Coach: A Q&A About Navigating Client Scenarios with Kelsa and Jill

    • How to Encourage Clients to Continue Working With You with Kelsa and Jill

    • Marketing Moment: Honest to Goodness: Leaning into Honesty and Authenticity to Create Stop the Scroll Content

    • You Should Be Speaking and Coaching in the Workplace! And Here is Why with Shane Robson-Smith

    • Professional + Cell Phone Photos = the Ultimate Social Media Photo Strategy with Karianne Mundstedt

    • 6 Tips to Take Better Cell Photo Photos with Karianne Munstedt

    • Building Discipline in Your Business with Kelsa, Jill and Jaclyn

    • Creating Your 90-day Goals and Post-Event Action Plan

    • Walk through of the new and improved Financial Coach Academy

    • Event Wrap Up and Celebration

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The Financial Coaching Symposium is a two-day, business intensive for financial coaches designed to up your game and take your business to the next level.