Ready to turn your dream of helping people into a reality?

We’re not blowing smoke. Take a look at this…

Lauren was already a coach, but she wasn’t fully confident — with FCA, she is closing her knowledge gaps and adding to her toolbox so that she can be a powerful, transformative financial coach.

And she’s not the only one:

“I will sing y’all’s praises from the hilltops! This program is amazing. If FCA had been JUST modules 1 & 2, it would have been worth the price. There is no way I would have launched my business or gotten this far without Financial Coach Academy.

“The fact that I have LIFETIME access was one of the reasons I chose FCA over other options out there.” – Brandy Lively

Both Brandy and Lauren found that the Financial Coach Academy’s comprehensive trainings filled in the gaps (that other programs didn’t), and increased their confidence — all because they followed their dream — their vision — to become excellent financial coaches.

Maybe you have a similar dream – of helping people improve the way they manage their money. We can’t promise you that launching a business will be easy. In fact, we can guarantee it will be both gratifying and challenging at times.

The Financial Coach Academy® provides frameworks, templates, resources, checklists, skills trainings and continuous support.

  • Expand your coaching skills beyond financial concepts and education (but we’ll cover those too). Learn how to successfully change your clients’ behavior to get better (and faster) results.

  • Stop the neverending quest for the “right” way to launch. Build the systems and master the tech needed to run a business that’s as close to autopilot as can be.

  • Being good with money is in your DNA. Build upon your natural skills and learn the techniques and tools that you will need as a financial coach.

Hi there! We are the creators and instructors of the Financial Coach Academy®, but first and foremost… WE ARE FINANCIAL COACHES.

Did you know that the average course completion rate in the US is 12%? The Financial Coach Academy’s completion rate is 68%.

The Academy® is so much more than just a course.  What you need to know and do is taught through the digital course section of the Financial Coach Academy®. There are videos, handouts, checklists, and resources galore, all designed to help you launch your financial coaching business and get your clients results.

The course portion is the most robust and thorough offering that exists for financial coaches who want to start and launch their business. No other course offers the same number of tools, downloads, tech tutorials, training videos, and materials (see the full list below).

The caliber of training and resources is unmatched, but I’m a coach first and foremost — which means I know better than anyone that knowing what to do doesn’t mean that doing it is going to be easy.

Here’s a great question to ask other financial coach course creators out there… “Does your course teach me how to coach clients when they’re stuck and not taking action even when they know what to do? And how?” If a coaching program doesn’t show you how to support your clients through change, it’s not a coaching program.

Live coaching with us and your personal cohort (cohort = other coaches who are working their way through the Financial Coach Academy®, too) are the secret sauce to your success.

Every month you can hop on a live coaching call with me to receive coaching and get your questions answered. And every week you can meet with your cohort for accountability, support, feedback and encouragement.

Live, monthly coaching and your cohort help to boost your likelihood of success so you don’t lose momentum. 

“Just want to say how grateful I am feeling in this moment to still have access to FCA. I first took FCA in 2018 and four years later, I still use these materials! I would pay 10x what I paid for FCA, it’s that valuable.”

Emily Maclin, Think Legacy Financial Coaching

“FCA gave me everything I needed to start my coaching business and the encouragement to actually do it. Instead of spinning my wheels and never launching because I’m a perfectionist, I was able to take decisive action with what I learned. I had income before I even finished the course.”

Amber Pietrangelo, Abundance Financial

“If you are on the fence as to if FCA will benefit you, I am here to say, IT WILL! This is coming from a coach who took another program and was in business for 9 months before I purchased FCA. It was worth the price, plus more!!”

Kristin Guardado, Elite Empowerment Coaching

A Financial Coaching Program Based In Reality

You want to know what gives coaching a bad name? Over-promising and fake guarantees.

As a financial coach, we cannot guarantee that our clients will get out of debt in 90 days because that’s not always up to us. A client can do everything right, seize every opportunity and still not get out of debt in 90 days. Sometimes the math just doesn’t shake out that way.

Not only that, but I’ve never had a client do everything right just like no one will do everything right in business.

Change is hard. Business is hard. We don’t live in dream scenarios, we live in reality. As a financial coach, it feels wrong to promise something I don’t control.

The same is true for the Financial Coach Academy®.

I believe we have designed a program that gives financial coaches the very best chance of success. Not only do I believe this is true right now as I type this, but I also know that as I see ways we can boost your chances of success, we will modify The Academy to do just that.

When you enroll, you’re not just getting the course as it is today, you get all future updates as well. Once you’ve invested we want you to have it all – every improvement, every addition and every bit of support we might offer (both now…and in the future). So that is our policy and we love being able to keep improving upon your investment!

Not only do you always get those future updates, but you actually play an important part in helping us create them. In every module of the course, we ask for your feedback. We review this feedback weekly and make modifications — minor improvements are made real-time and more extensive improvements happen in bigger projects that we roll out over time.

And yet The Academy® will NOT:

  • Give you everything you will ever need on this journey of entrepreneurship.
  • Teach you everything you could ever need to know about money.
  • Be absolutely perfect for every single coach who enrolls.

I cannot guarantee

  • You will succeed right away as a financial coach
  • You will make 6-figures your first year
  • This journey will be easy
  • You will build your business or your offer and then people will immediately flock to it
  • Your first iteration of your business will be perfect

The Academy® offers you:

  • the tools, materials and resources to use in your business to cut down on your time commitment,
  • a framework that can be customized and modified so your iteration-phase is easier to test,
  • true mentorship through live coaching calls so you’re not navigating all of this on your own, and
  • a community of other coaches who get it (and get you).

I'm offering you a path to get started. 

Because you can’t know what will work for you or what iterations you need to try unless you start.

You’ve got to start somewhere.

The Academy® is designed the way it is because I’ve been there. I am there.

I started my own financial coaching business and I still have a financial coaching business. I’m in the trenches too. All of the coaches who enroll in The Academy® are in the trenches too.

Financial Coach Academy® Reviews

  • “After FCA, I am so confident I don’t think anyone can knock me down. I network like a champion. I have content that looks good and provides value. I have goals in my business. I HAVE A PAYING CLIENT. I just feel like there is nothing stopping me.” -Amanda Jacob

  • "Before The Academy®, I was stuck in the beginning stages of my business not knowing what steps to take or how building a program worked. Kelsa and the team helped me take my business from beginning stages to up and running. I highly recommend you take FCA if you want to become a financial coach.” - Tanya Gehres

  • “The training offered by the FCA was precisely what I needed at the early stage of my financial coaching career. Excellent training, excellent support, and excellent applications to all aspects of financial coaching important to a new financial coach.” - David Knapp

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside The Financial Coach Academy®…

From the moment you sign up and commit to making your financial coaching dreams a reality, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the following 👇

Launching and having a business (any business) takes a lot of time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight. It took me years and I tried a lot of different things before I figured out what would work for me.

Even with The Academy®, your financial coaching success will take a lot of time, effort and iterations. You will build it, market it, talk with people about it, tweak it, change it, and try again.

It won’t just demand time, it will demand patience, perseverance and trust.

I am not offering you a get-rich-quick strategy, a guaranteed income, or some dream scenario.


These modules will walk you through five key aspects of becoming a financial coach and designing your business so it fits you. These core modules lay a foundation from which you can build from and include:

  • Clarity on who you are—and who you serve
  • Your client’s first impression (and experience) of working with you
  • Building long-term relationships through a curated client experience
  • Selling your services with integrity and excitement
  • Creating a brand that attracts your ideal clients with ease


You’ll find no surface-level content here. We’re diving deep into the concepts that will transform your business so you can hit the ground running with a wealth of knowledge and know-how.


We’ll help you troubleshoot any challenges, get unstuck when things get tough, and answer any questions you have along the way—and you can hop on these calls whenever you want for LIFE.


When you enroll in the Academy, you’ll be assigned a small group of fellow coaches to go on this journey with you. These small groups, Cohorts, will be limited to your fellow coaches who have recently enrolled in the Academy and are learning and growing their financial coaching business right alongside you.

When you join us, you’ll join everyone in your cohort for a group welcome call where we’ll help you set up communication channels to stay in touch and keep each other motivated as you progress through the program.


Downloads, templates, contracts… you name it, we’ve got it. These resources help you get started on the right foot.


We’re here for your launch and your evolution. Once you’ve got a solid foundation, level up your business with online courses, masterminds, group programs, and more – all included when you enroll in The Academy®!

Embodying the Role of a Financial Coach

Receive ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.

A 90-day Financial Coaching Program that Delivers Results

Receive ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.

Coaching on the Fundamentals of Personal Finance

Receive ICF Accredited Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours.


Module 1

Clarity on who you are - and who you serve

Our goal for this module:

No more floundering around, trying to be everything to everyone. You’ll leave this module with a clear vision of WHY you do what you do—and WHO you’re meant to serve.

In this module, you will:

  • Create a clear vision for what kind of business you’re creating and how that business fits your current lifestyle
  •  Identify your niche and zero in on the challenges your ideal clients are experiencing
  • Embrace where your financial coaching dream comes from (and start crafting it into a compelling story)
  • Pick your business name and chosen title
  • Develop a solid understanding of the first administrative and legal steps you need to take to create a real business as a financial coach

Module 2

Your client’s first impression (and experience) of working with you

Our goal for this module:

You’ll learn how to craft an unforgettable client experience that has your clients working with you for the long haul—and singing your praises to everyone they know. 

In this module, you will:

  • Map out a detailed client journey for your business
  • Create your unique, no-sleazy sales conversation process
  • Design and launch your initial coaching session with clients
  • Activate a simple scheduling software
  • Build an (also simple) tracking system for leads, prospects, and clients
  • Make a PUBLIC announcement that you’re looking for clients

Module 3

Building long-term client relationships through a curated client experience

Our goal for this module:

This is where the magic happens. You’ll create a repeatable system for working with clients that produces life-changing results—so you can feel confident and in control every step of the way.  

In this module, you will:

  • Design a coaching program for your business
  • Create valuable, action-based content that gets your clients real results
  • Develop effective coaching skills 
  • Explore transformative financial concepts from a coaching perspective
  • Adopt the four key roles you’ll play as a coach
  • Master the art of asking effective questions
  • Draft your official Coaching Agreement
  • Design and launch an onboarding sequence to lead clients through
  • Build a tracking system for your clients’ journey through your program
  • Establish important policies to establish boundaries and expectations

Module 4

Selling your services with integrity and excitement

Our goal for this module:

Hate selling? Not anymore. You’ll walk away from this module with a step-by-step process for selling your services that feels natural, authentic, and downright easy.  

In this module, you will:

  • Identify where your clients are today, where they want to be, and how your services can bridge that gap
  • Brainstorm ways your coaching program helps clients to solve their current challenges
  • Reflect on what you appreciate and dislike about sales conversations you’ve experienced
  • Design a pre-game sales strategy
  • Learn the strategy of “teeing up” your coaching
  • Write pivot statements for your discovery sessions
  • Discover how the energy in your workspace impacts your sales conversations
  • Explore various objections you may hear and how you’ll respond to them
  • Identify the ten major benefits of your coaching
  • Outline how you will wrap up discovery sessions for the three most common scenarios that can occur

Module 5

Creating a brand that attracts your ideal clients with ease

Our goal for this module:

You’ll build a brand that conveys your message and speaks directly to your people—so you can stop chasing leads and start attracting clients who are ready and willing to invest in your services. 

In this module, you will:

  • Establish goals for your referral and social media marketing
  • Learn strategies for identifying and establishing referral relationships
  • Identify who’s in front of your ideal clients on a regular basis already
  • Design a reach-out strategy for connecting with referral partners (templates provided!)
  • Design a follow-up strategy after a one-to-one with a referral partner
  • Launch a social media strategy for your financial coaching business
  • Outline a social media content calendar that matches your goals and builds trust with prospects
  • Learn about the key components of your website
  • Write out the copy for your website
  • Explore various commercials and taglines you can use to gain the most from the networking meetings you attend


You get access to all of this content—AND our live monthly coaching calls—for life.

We don’t expect you to get everything right off the bat. The Financial Coach Academy® covers A LOT of material that you can return to again and again whenever you want. You’ll never lose access so long as the course is still live and active. We know you’re in this for the long haul—and so are we.

Oh…and did we mention the advanced bonuses?

In addition to all the game-changing lessons, valuable content, and ongoing support, we’re also throwing in FOUR bonus modules to support you as you grow and scale your business.

Once you’ve made your way through the five core modules—congrats! Your Financial Coach Academy® Graduate Seal is on the way!

But that’s just the beginning.

There’s no limit to how you can grow your business and serve your clients. Maybe you want to launch a course, start a group program or facilitate a weekly mastermind in addition to your one-on-one coaching. All of that is possible with the knowledge, tools, and resources you’ll gain from these bonus modules.

Once you’ve gotten cozy in your new role as a financial coach, dive into these modules to expand your horizons.

BONUS #1 - Thinking Like A CEO

There’s a big difference between being a coach and being an entrepreneur and CEO of your business. Learn how to create a budget and manage your business finances, work within your Zone of Genius, manage your time, delegate to others and set goals and metrics to keep your business on track.

BONUS #2 - Corporate Wellness

Want to work with major corporations? Shane Robson-Smith of Workplace Money Coach joins us in teaching about networking with key players, building your niche, and creating a dynamic workshop.

BONUS #3 - Advanced Marketing

Marketing is a language all its own, and this module will teach you how to be fluent in getting your message to the masses. You’ll create presentations, write newsletters, and work with PR reps and even GIF-ify your brand.

BONUS #4 - Advanced Programming

It’s always a good idea to keep fine-tuning your client experience—especially if you want to reach more people. This module will help you design new one-to-many offerings, extend the client-coach relationship and ensure that your client success path is golden.

Plus…you’ll receive access to the recording of each Ask-a-Coach call for a month.

We know that the more you grow your business, the busier you’ll be. And while we highly encourage participants to join our live monthly coaching calls, we get that it’s not always possible. So if you miss a call, you’ll have a month to rewatch it.

The Academy® also provides essential training in financial concepts.

Just take it from Jessica.

Your ability to get your clients results will be the key to your success in business.

Your knowledge of personal finance and skills as a coach combine to get your clients results. They become the #1 predictor of your success (there’s no post you can create for social media that trumps your knowledge and skillset).

To get you started, The Academy® provides dozens of financial concepts necessary for helping people such as budgeting, debt payoff strategies, net worth, savings rates, emergency budgets and goals, goal-setting strategies, financial principles, planning ahead, values-based spending, credit scores and reporting, business budgeting and cash flow and more.

Yes, EVEN MORE Financial Coach Academy® Reviews

Did we mention more than 600 coaches have already completed the Academy?

“I got my first beta client and I’m so darn excited! Thank you Kelsa Dickey and the Financial Coach Academy® for helping me get there. I’ve only just begun Module 3 too, so feeling on track. I was sitting on the sidelines for far too long before taking the plunge and (FCA) has been such a motivator.”


“FCA was the best decision I ever made and has enabled me to evolve to provide a slightly different offering to combine my accounting and financial wellness – I wouldn’t have been able to do this so eloquently these last 2 months had I not already had all the foundations in place from the FCA!”


“I’m lucky to have found out about FCA at the same time I discovered financial coaching as a career. I can’t imagine trying to figure out how to build a business and what coaching looks like on my own. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing FCA, you definitely should!”

SARAH GAGE, Wealth Confidence Coaching

Our FAVORITE Financial Coach Academy® Review To Date

Ready to add ‘Financial Coach’ to your resume and build a business you love?


  • 5 core modules that contain 30 lessons that will lay the foundation of a thriving coaching business

  • 12 live monthly coaching calls every year for as long as the course is live (PRICELESS!!)

  • Your cohort 6 months of small group support (PRICELESS!!)

  • 165 downloads, templates, contracts and other materials you can use ASAP

  • 4 Specialty Toolkits to enhance identity, confidence and skills as a financial coach (a $3,988 value if purchased separately)

  • 4 advanced bonus modules to expand your offerings and create a greater impact

This isn’t another course that will sit on your desktop collecting virtual dust.

Online courses are a dime a dozen, especially in the world of financial coaching. We’re not teaching you all the fancy terms and concepts like some of the other money gurus. What we’re offering is a framework that you can customize to fit your clients’ needs so they achieve repeatable results. Because let’s face it: expensive marketing tactics won’t grow your business. But real results will.

The average course completion rate in the US is a mere 12%. The Financial Coach Academy® has a 68% completion rate and countless success stories of people who took what they learned and used it to build their businesses.

Will you be next?


  • Lifetime access at no cost. With FCA, you pay once for the course AND you get all updates. Forever. You’ll always have not only access to the course but THE BEST version of the course.

  • Monthly live coaching calls. Open coaching calls with the Academy instructors are included for life. Calls are recorded, so you can catch the replay if you miss one.

  • Your own coaching cohort. Six months (or longer if you choose!) of peer-to-peer support, feedback and accountability to make the journey of launching your business just a little more fun and a little less messy.

  • Learn how to market and get clients. It’s one thing to design a great program (which we totally help you do), but it’s a whole other to learn how to talk about your value, what you offer, and how to price and market your services.

  • Get materials you need to run your business. The Academy offers not just training resources but the materials you need to run a business and serve clients (see the link to the full list below). We provide the things we use in our financial coaching business every day.

  • Know what software and systems you actually need. You don’t need to pay for client-service software. We show you how easy it is to use apps and software that you likely already have – and so do your clients!

  • Specialty Toolkits that deepen your understanding. You don’t need an accreditation to stand out from the crowd. These Specialty Toolkits help you coach at a higher, more professional level.

  • Advanced modules that grow with you. We got you with Advanced Programming and Marketing, Corporate Wellness, and Thinking Like a CEO bonus modules—all designed to guide you during the stages of growth we know you’ll face as a successful financial coach.


The Financial Coach Academy® is for you if…

…you’re looking for a formal training to help you feel confident in your identity and responsibilities as a coach (whether that’s part-time or full-fledged business empire).

…you’re just starting out as a financial coach and you want help launching your business on the right foot.

…you want to feel prepared and able to equip your clients with practical tools to tackle debt, savings and so much more during their sessions.

…you’re excited to differentiate between simply teaching financial concepts and effectively coaching on them.

…you’re struggling to justify the value of your services to clients.

…you care about achieving consistent positive results for your clients.

…you want to attract the right kind of clients and in a way that feels easy and enjoyable to you.

Enroll in The Financial Coach Academy® today!


  • 5 core modules that contain 30 lessons that will lay the foundation of a thriving coaching business

  • 12 live monthly coaching calls every year for as long as the course is live (PRICELESS!!)

  • Your cohort 6 months of small group support (PRICELESS!!)

  • 165 downloads, templates, contracts and other materials you can use ASAP

  • 4 Specialty Toolkits to enhance identity, confidence and skills as a financial coach (a $3,988 value if purchased separately)

  • 4 advanced bonus modules to expand your offerings and create a greater impact