Financial Coach Training

Build your financial coaching business on a solid foundation or take it to the next level.

Have you been wanting to give financial coaching a try but aren’t sure where to start? Or have you already jumped in but find yourself getting lost in the systems, tools, and processes you need to successfully run your business? Do you feel like you need someone to show you the way? Great. You’re in the right place.

We look at your whole business

In order to effectively run your financial coaching business, you need to master financial concepts, refine your coaching skills, and gain business acumen. We don’t just focus on financial theories or coaching skills. We look at your whole business.

  • Financial Knowledge

    Get a solid foundation of financial concepts and best practices. You won't learn basic technical knowledge, but skill-based work you can do with clients to get results!

  • Coaching Skills

    Learn the necessary skills to successfully coach your clients so you can show up confidently and serve your clients toward an amazing transformation.

  • Business Acumen

    Create efficient, effective systems to manage your business. We give you everything we have created as a model so you can tweak and recreate versions of these docs for your business.

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What will you learn in the Academy?

The Financial Coach Academy will teach you how to create and efficiently run your financial coaching business all the while learning how to attract clients and become an effective coach. Our instructors aren’t academics or researchers. They are financial coaches who teach while also running and growing their financial coaching business for more than a decade.

Live or Self paced - Which course is right for you?

Here are a few things we want you to consider.

We offer two learning experiences for the Academy - live & self-paced. We want you to be as confident in your decision to take the course as we are in its ability to help you create a successful business.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to the materials is included in the cost of the Financial Coach Academy. We don’t expect you to get everything right off the bat. We cover a lot of material, and we want you to have the ability to go back and watch whatever lessons you need as issues and questions pop up in your business. You’ll never lose access to the materials in the course. We’re in this for the long haul.

Who Should Join the Financial Coach Academy?

  • New Financial Coaches – If you are just starting out as a financial coach and want to have evidence-based systems in place, gain mastery of more advanced financial concepts and coaching strategies, and graduate with a proven business model integrated into your financial coaching practice, the Academy is for you.

  • Established Financial Coaches – If you are an established financial coach who wants to take your business to the next level by gaining mastery of business concepts while getting advanced training in finances and coaching skills, the Academy is for you.

  • Professionals Looking for a Career Change – If you are good with your money, love helping your friends and family with their budgets as a hobby or side hustle, and want to turn your passion into a career, the Academy is for you. Same goes for financial professionals and entrepreneurs who want to move away from corporate America and start your own business.

  • Financial Advisors – If you are a financial advisor who wants to add services and value for your clients or are looking to focus on day-to-day finances rather than investments and insurance, the Academy is for you.

  • Other Professional Coaches – If you are a business coach, personal organizer, life coach or another professional coach who wants to have a proven system that will help your clients manage their personal finances, the Academy is for you.

Meet Your Instructors

Financial Coaches have the power to change the world. We truly believe that. In fact, it’s why we created the Financial Coach Academy. Kelsa had such a passion for what she did that she wanted to help everyone take the stress out of managing their money. Literally everyone. But knowing there was just one Kelsa, she knew it wasn’t possible. Who has that kind of time? She grew her team to include her husband Michael and Fiscal Fitness’ lead coach Jill Emanuel. But that was just the start. We realized if we created a course that showed everyone what we have learned over 10 years of helping clients and running a successful business, that we could help more coaches coach more people. The Financial Coach Academy is our way to help as many people get financial coaching as possible. So thank you for contributing to our long-term goal. We are so glad you want to become (or already are) a financial coach

What Financial Coaches are saying

“If anyone has a dream of being a financial coach and is struggling to know where to start, take the FCA!! Don’t think, don’t hesitate, just do it! I put it off for months because of the cost. I didn’t know how I could justify that investment in a business that hadn’t made any money yet. But as we wrap up the fall class, I can tell you that they highly UNDERCHARGE!! I truly believe that even ONE WEEK’S worth of the content, tools, and community they provide is worth the entire investment in the class.”

Ahna - Fika Finance

“Kelsa and Michael are an open book. They are very transparent and are setting out to train coaches to help as many people as possible. This academy has far exceeded any expectations I have and has given me the confidence I need to get my coaching practice off and running.”

Darenda - Focused Financial

“Kelsa, Michael and Jill are great teachers. It really is amazing how quickly they respond to every.single.question. you may have. I am also studying for an MA in personal financial planning which is great but nothing in that program prepares you for the practical side of getting your financial coaching business up and running like FCA. I'm not even finished with the program yet and I already know that I have definitely received my money's worth with FCA and really can't recommend them enough!!”


“First and foremost let me say that FCA exceeded all of my expectations!!! I have taken other courses that focused on theory and behavior, but this one was a perfect blend of business practices and knowledge. Kelsa and Michael took 10 years worth of business practices and knowledge and transparently shared it in a concise and enjoyable format. Most of all I feel like a part of this community they have established to provide encouragement and accountability. I highly recommend this course and will probably take it again in the future to glean more.”


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